How to Auto Post to Google Plus from WordPress – Video

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Want to know how to auto post to Google Plus from WordPress?
  You can do so by setting up a free Hoot Suite account.  Hoot Suite will use your WordPress RSS feed as a source and post articles to your Google Plus Page on a schedule.  To set this up, watch the video above.  The set up is very simple as there’s nothing to install and there’s no programming required.  Best of all, you can auto post to your Google Plus Page for free.  Hoot Suite’s free services allows you to source from up to two RSS feeds and post them to up to five social networks.  Hoot Suite also offers a paid version that allows you to specify an unlimited number of sources and targets.

-post to google plus from wordpress

Auto Post to Google Plus from WordPress: Other Methods

There are a couple of other options that will allow you to auto post to Google Plus.  They include:

  • WPGPlus WordPress Plugin:  I haven’t tried this plugin as it currently gets low ratings on  I typically stay away from plugins until they have matured.
  •  This is a paid service I discovered here.  Since it costs money, I didn’t try this solution either. 🙂
  • Next Scripts: This is another paid option.  If you don’t mind spending a little cash, this is really the best option for posting to unlimited social networking accounts.  It’s only a one time fee.  A free trial is available so check it out!

Why Auto Post to Google Plus in the first place?

Posting my content to Google Plus gives provides yet another opportunity for people to discover my content.  By auto posting my content, I have one less thing to remember to do whenever I create a new article.  Since I develop content for my blog in my spare time, any time I can save on administrative tasks will allow me to focus more time on the writing.

Have you implemented your own solution for auto posting to Google Plus?  Have you used any of the methods mentioned above?  Please share your experiences in the comments section below.