Best Windows 10 Tablet PC List 2017 (Windows Tablets Video)

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Looking for the Best Windows 10 Tablet PC available in 2017? To help you decide which tablet to buy, I put together the Windows Tablet comparison chart below. Find below the chart some tips on how to choose the best Windows Tablet for you.

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Best Windows 10 Tablet List for 2017

Photos Best Windows 10 Tablet List for 2017 Price
Best Windows 10 Tablet - 01 Microsoft Surface Book 200 Microsoft Surface Book
13.5″ | Intel Core i5 i7
8-16GB | 128GB-1TB | 12 Hrs
Money is no object? Ge this!
Best Windows 10 Tablet - 02 Microsoft Surface Pro 4 200 Microsoft Surface Pro 4
12.3″ | Intel Core m3 i5 i7
4-8GB | 128-256GB | 9Hrs
Best premium Windows Tablet
Best Windows 10 Tablet - 03 Microsoft Surface Pro 3 200 Microsoft Surface Pro 3
12″ | Intel Core i3 i5 i7
4-8GB | 64-512GB | 8 Hrs
Best choice if you can find one.
Best Windows 10 Tablet - 04 HP Spectre x360 15 200 HP Envy 360 15
15.6 | Intel Core i5
8GB | 1TB | 11 Hrs
Great Intel Core Windows Tablet.
Best Windows 10 Tablet - 05 Samsung Galaxy TabPro S 200 Samsung Galaxy TabPro S
12″ | Intel Core m3
4GB | 128GB | 10.5 Hours
Great tablet for media viewing.
Best Windows 10 Tablet - 06 Microsoft Surface 3 200 Microsoft Surface 3
10.8″ | Atom CPU
2-4GB | 64-128GB | 10 Hrs
Good option when on sale.
Best Windows 10 Tablet - 07 HP Spectre x2 200 HP Spectre x2
12″ | Intel Core m3
4GB | 128GB | 10 Hrs
Great value and performance.
Best Windows 10 Tablet - 08 Asus Transformer Book T100HA 200 Asus Transformer Book T100HA
10.1″ | Intel Atom
4GB | 64GB | 12 Hrs
Best of the 10″ Windows Tablets
Best Windows 10 Tablet - 09 NuVision TM800W560L Tablet 200 NuVision TM800W560L Tablet
8″ | Intel Atom
2GB | 32GB | 6 Hrs
Good cheap Windows Tablet

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Which Processor Should You Choose?

For the best performance choose an Intel Core i7, i5, i3 or m3 processor, in that order. With these processors, you will get performance similar to what you experience on a desktop computer. In exchange for better performance, you will often sacrifice battery life.

If you don’t require top-end performance, or if you want to save money, choose a Windows 10 Tablet with an Intel Atom processor. These tablets are often smaller, cheaper, lighter, and have great battery life

Memory and Storage

Look for tablets with a minimum of 4GBs of RAM. This will allow you to run multiple applications comfortably. A 2GB Windows Tablet may be fine for light duty but performance will decrease as you open more applications

Look for Windows tablets with at least 64GB of storage. With 32GB of storage, you will often have very little available space available for your files because most of the space will be used by the operation system and programs. More space is preferable but 64GB should be your absolute minimum.

Battery Life

The Intel Core based Windows Tablets should get around 6 to 8 hours of battery life. Intel Atom based devices should get 8 hours or more. Tablets with an attached keyboard may see 8 to 10 hours or more.

Windows Tablets with a Stylus Pen (Digitizer Pen)

If you want a Windows Tablet with a stylus pen, you probably should go with one of the Microsoft Surface devices. They all ship with a digitizer pen and each provides a reliable pen experience.

Surface Book | Surface Pro 4 | Surface Pro 3

Windows 10 Tablets with a Keyboard

To get the most out of your Windows Tablet, I strongly suggest you consider devices that include, or offer optional keyboards. Keyboards are a must for interacting with legacy Windows applications. Keyboards also give Windows Tablets an edge versus Android tablets and the iPad in terms of productivity.

All of the tablets in our comparison chart has a keyboard option except for the 8″ NuVision Tablet.

Windows Tablets with 3G/4G Sim Slot

Current generation Windows Tablets equipped with a 3G/4G Sim slot are mostly non-existent.  The Surface Pro 2 featured broadband compatibility but this device is no longer available.

The only option I’ve seen currently available is the HP Stream 8.  If you aren’t interested in the HP, the best option is to chose the Windows Tablet you like the most and make use of an external 3G/4G device.

  1. HP Stream 8 (Amazon $184.82 | User Reviews)
  2. Your cell phone’s mobile hotspot feature
  3. A Mi-Fi device purchased from your wireless carrier
  4. Microsoft Surface Pro 2 via eBay

What About Windows RT Tablets

Do not buy a Windows RT tablet! This line of devices is dead.  Microsoft has stopped manufacturing them.  Windows 10 Tablets perform better, have comparable prices and battery life, and have greater compatibility.  Plus you can find many cheap Windows Tablets running Windows 10 these days. This makes the Windows RT tablet an unnecessary product, which is why Microsoft killed it.

For you unlucky soles that purchased a Windows RT Tablet like I did, I didn’t forget about you! Check out my Best Windows RT Apps for Microsoft Surface! 😉

Which Windows 10 Tablet will you Choose?

Now that you have reviewed our best Windows Tablet list, which Windows 10 tablet will you choose? Are you still undecided? If you have a question, please feel free to share it in the comments section below.

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