Google Home Suggested Changes: How to Improve Google Home

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Dear makers of Google Home,

I use Google Home every day. To my surprise, my wife uses it just as often. We mostly use it to play music. However, asking Knowledge Graph based questions is slowly becoming our killer app for the device.

While I love my Google Home, it is not yet perfect. The device is off to a great start but I’m hoping for a lot more. In this article, I share my top Google Home suggested changes. While I suspect many of them are already in the works, I hope some of the unique ideas presented below will be considered as well.

This list will be updated over time. Check back often for updates!

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Google Home Suggested Changes

Below I list my suggested changes for Google Home. Use the comments section to let me know if you agree with my suggestions, or if you have suggestions of your own.

Account Support

  • Please allow support for multiple accounts. There can be a default user, plus additional users that are specified by name. Additional users should be able to say something like, “How is traffic for Bob’s commute?” or “What’s on Bob’s calendar today?” When the non-default user asks a question, perhaps Google Home could temporarily make that user the default user.
  • Allow support for sending and checking email. I’d like to be able to say, “Do I have email?”, “Is there new email for Tech Ranker?”, or “send an email to my boss, ‘The client loved my slide deck!”.
  • Allow support for sending and checking text messages. Sample commands: “Send text to my wife, ‘Please pick up milk'” and “Read my unread text messages”.
  • Add support for modifying calendars. I want to be able to create, modify, and delete calendar entries. Also, add support for secondary or shared calendars.
  • Add the ability to define aliases for people and groups. I’d like to use aliases such as wife, boss, mom, kids, bowling team, close friends, etc. I’d like to be able to ask, “read messages from bowling team”.


  • Include an alarm clock. If Google Home had an alarm clock, I would put a Google Home in every bedroom.
  • Include physical buttons. Changing the volume using the touch interface is too finicky for my taste. Physical button would allow precise control over volume and playback. Physical buttons would allow people who are unfamiliar with the device to quickly see how to control the device.
  • Add additional microphones. In my experience, Google Home doesn’t hear me as well as Amazon Echo in loud environments. A few more mics could make up the difference.
  • Add an audio-out port. Instead of making us buy a separate Chromecast Audio, please add an audio-port on the Google Home. If you are concerned about losing sales, sell some Google branded speakers that will work with Home. I’d buy them if they are good.
  • Allow the next Google tablet to function like a Google Home. Give it a charging dock (preferably wireless). Allow it to display pretty search results on the screen such as recipes, celebrity bios, stats for athletes, menus for local restaurants, etc. Give it dual speakers, plus premium audio for hooking up to external speakers.
  • Create a Bluetooth headset or accessory that can be used to control Google Home. A button on the device could allow you to ask Google Home questions without using the launch phrase. These accessories could be associated with specific people, allowing Google Home to give personalized responses.

Events and Entertainment

  • Add movie theater and showtime support. I’d like to be able to ask, “what’s playing at the AMC Hoffman movie theater”, followed by “what are the showtimes for ‘Die Hard 6’?”
  • Add support for questions about local events. Sample questions include, “What concerts are happening this weekend?” or “what plays can I see next weekend?”
  • Allows movie trailers to be easily displayed via Chromecast. I’d like to be able to ask, “Show me top movie trailers on Chromecast” or “Show new movie trailers on Chromecast”.
  • Add the ability to announce new movies on DVD or Netflix. Sample questions: “What’s new on DVD?” and “What’s popular on Netflix?”.

Music Support

  • Add support for satellite radio. Sample commands: “Play Howard Stern on satellite radio” and “Play Shady 45 on satellite radio”.
  • Add support for playing music stored on a local computer. Not everyone has Spotify.

Health and Fitness

  • Add the ability to cast recipes to Chromecast. Chromecast could display static recipes from top recipe sites. I’d like to be able to ask, “what should I cook tonight”, “suggest a green smoothie recipe”, or “what should I cook for my next dinner party?”.
  • Add the ability to easily cast workout videos to Chromecast. These videos can be on YouTube but perhaps there should be curated videos available. Perhaps we could specify videos from our saved videos or playlists.
  • Add the ability to play guided audio workouts. I’d like to be able to say, “start seven minute workout”.

Release Dates & Availability

The most popular questions I see on the GH Facebook Page are questions about availability. People want to known the Google Home release dates for the UK, the EU, Australia, etc. Please provide release dates for these regions.

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Share your Google Home Suggestions

Do you have any features you wanted added to Google Home? Are there any hardware suggestions you want to suggest for the next version of the device? Use the comments section to share your thoughts.

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  1. nick says

    be able to change the “ok google” command to any other name.

  2. Nathan Dennis says

    I bought this for grandma hoping she could swt reminders and delete things per voice command as sbes not knowledgeable of computers i was hoping this would of been more advantage which its not so disappointed

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