Lenovo Smart Display Product Tour (Video)

See a video of the upcoming Lenovo Smart Display.

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We may be closer to seeing the first release of a Google Home smart display. Just a few days ago, Lenovo posted to their YouTube channel a video of their smart display device. Check it out below!

The video shows some of the smart display’s features. This includes its ability to show recipes, search for YouTube videos, make video calls, and monitor smart home cameras. The video also shows one feature of the Lenovo Smart Display that I was not aware of (duh)- is its ability to be used in portrait or landscape mode.

The release date for this device is still unknown. It was originally supposed to be released this month (July 2018). Hopefully, this video posting indicates that a release is imminent.

I plan to order the 10″ model as soon as it’s available. Be sure to check back soon for updates. To get the latest Google Home news, reviews, and updates, follow us on Social Media:

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Lenovo Smart Display Product Tour (Video)Will you buy the Lenovo Smart Display?

Are you going to buy the Lenovo Smart Display? Are you going to wait for other smart displays to be announced? Or are you still on the fence about in regard to buying a smart display? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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