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Having problems with your Microsoft Surface?  Tried performing a factory reset to no avail?  You may need to take your tablet in for warrant service.  You have a couple of options depending on how long you owned the Surface.  Please see the options after the break.

Microsoft Surface Standard Warranty

If you didn’t know, your Microsoft Surface warranty includes the following:

  • 1 year of warranty for hardware defects and malfunctions
  • 90 days of complementary technical support for preinstalled software from the experts at Microsoft Answer Desk for Surface. (Not applicable to business customers)

If you purchased your Surface Tablet within the last 90 days, you can simply take it to your local Microsoft Store and get help for free.

“Microsoft Complete” Extended Warranty Coverage

If the standard warranty is not enough for you, you can purchase the Microsoft Complete extended warranty service from the Microsoft Store.  you can buy Microsoft Complete within 45 days of your purchase.  Service highlights include the following:

  • Two full years of warranty coverage for hardware defects and malfunctions
  • Unlimited software support and training from Answer Desk for Two years
  • PC Tune-Up, Virus Removal and Protection, and In -Store Training
  • Accidental damage coverage

How to Get Service

To take advantage of your Microsoft Surface Warranty Service, use one of the options below:

Also, You could always try to fix your Surface your self.

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