PS4 Blue Light of Death Not Fixed – What do I do Now? – PS4 BLOD

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Are you experiencing the PlayStation 4 Blue Light of Death

Did you already try my “PS4 Blue Light of Death Fix” and it not work for you? 

Still searching for that elusive white light? Have you had to perform the PS4 BLOD Fix multiple times?  I’m sorry to tell you my friend but you probably need to return your broken PlayStation 4 for a replacement.

Below are some options for dealing with your ailing PlayStation 4:

Solution 1: Return the PS4 to the Place of Purchase

Yes, this is an obvious solution.  The problem is, your place of purchase may just give you a refund.  What you really want is a replacement.  Before you head out to a store, check to see if the location has PS4s in stock.  If not, call other locations in the store chain until you find a PS4.  See if the manager will hold one for your so the last PS4 isn’t gone before you arrive.

Solution 2: Call Sony for a Replacement PS4

Sony is well aware of the PS4 Blue Light of Death issue and has been processing replacements quickly.  If you are close to a main shipping hub, you could have a replacement PS4 in less than a week.  Please note that the directions below might be specific to the [highlight]United States[/highlight].  If you have tips you would like to share for your country, please use the comments section below. Here’s what to do:

  • Have your sales receipt and PS4 handy.  Sony will need the date of purchase, as well as the serial number and model number on the actual PS4.
  • Call Sony at 800-345-7669.  Be prepared for long hold times.  You may even experience dead silence during the wait.  Just hang in there!
  • Tell the customer service rep that you are experiencing the Blue Light of Death.  Note that the rep may refer to it as just the “blue light” as “death” sounds really bad. lol
  • The rep will then help you will processing a return.  Sony will either fix your PS4 or replace it.
  • The rep will send you an empty box.  You will use this box to send the PS4 to Sony.  Be certain to follow the directions exactly and don’t put anything in the box but the PS4.  When you take the box to your local shipping center, [highlight]be sure to get a receipt[/highlight].
  • Hopefully in a few days you will have a brand new (or refurbished) PS4!

Other PS4 Blue Light of Death Resources

If the solutions above don’t work for you, here are some additional resources to check out:

If you do decide to opt for a replacement, please share your experience in the comments section below.

Good luck and Happy gaming!