PS4 Blue Light of Death Not Fixed – What do I do Now? – PS4 BLOD

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Are you experiencing the PlayStation 4 Blue Light of Death

Did you already try my “PS4 Blue Light of Death Fix” and it not work for you? 

Still searching for that elusive white light? Have you had to perform the PS4 BLOD Fix multiple times?  I’m sorry to tell you my friend but you probably need to return your broken PlayStation 4 for a replacement.

Below are some options for dealing with your ailing PlayStation 4:

Solution 1: Return the PS4 to the Place of Purchase

Yes, this is an obvious solution.  The problem is, your place of purchase may just give you a refund.  What you really want is a replacement.  Before you head out to a store, check to see if the location has PS4s in stock.  If not, call other locations in the store chain until you find a PS4.  See if the manager will hold one for your so the last PS4 isn’t gone before you arrive.

Solution 2: Call Sony for a Replacement PS4

Sony is well aware of the PS4 Blue Light of Death issue and has been processing replacements quickly.  If you are close to a main shipping hub, you could have a replacement PS4 in less than a week.  Please note that the directions below might be specific to the [highlight]United States[/highlight].  If you have tips you would like to share for your country, please use the comments section below. Here’s what to do:

  • Have your sales receipt and PS4 handy.  Sony will need the date of purchase, as well as the serial number and model number on the actual PS4.
  • Call Sony at 800-345-7669.  Be prepared for long hold times.  You may even experience dead silence during the wait.  Just hang in there!
  • Tell the customer service rep that you are experiencing the Blue Light of Death.  Note that the rep may refer to it as just the “blue light” as “death” sounds really bad. lol
  • The rep will then help you will processing a return.  Sony will either fix your PS4 or replace it.
  • The rep will send you an empty box.  You will use this box to send the PS4 to Sony.  Be certain to follow the directions exactly and don’t put anything in the box but the PS4.  When you take the box to your local shipping center, [highlight]be sure to get a receipt[/highlight].
  • Hopefully in a few days you will have a brand new (or refurbished) PS4!

Other PS4 Blue Light of Death Resources

If the solutions above don’t work for you, here are some additional resources to check out:

If you do decide to opt for a replacement, please share your experience in the comments section below.

Good luck and Happy gaming!

  1. Richard says

    I had a problem where blue light continuous blinking, turning off on its own, screen going fuzzy and then off. Tried two different HDMI cables same thing. Tried it on a different tv with a third different HDMI cable, worked first time no problems. Took all gear back to original tell, comprendo so far so good, change the HDMI cable.

  2. Matthew says

    I am pretty bummed about my broken PS4. I came in my house sat for a nice hour of Battlefront and it wouldn’t turn on. I tried everything possible and it still did not work. So my PS4 is now in its death throes, the PS4 I waited 8+ months for and had it for a solid month before it gives me a cocky blue blinking on and off light signaling its death at me in the coldest manner. I just need now to know how to make my PS4 have exactly the same information, same EA account, same videos, same funny/once in a lifetime screenshots. But then again, is it a good Idea to make a new gamertag? is it possible that I can have the same in-game weapons and gear that I worked so hard to get? But with a gamertag that I actually like? and when I say I need to know this I NEED to know this. Please help me very soon. Or I fear for the worst mistakes of having an actually awesome gamertag possibility and passing it off for my old one.

  3. justin says

    yep got second hand one for kids worked for a weekend now brick of shame Sony I should have stuck to Xbox

  4. Lgzfs says

    The upside down thing worked for me!!! My system would beep once, the blue light would flash, and click, it turned back off. One question, do I need to keep it upside down forever? Thank you so much.

  5. Agnazrage says

    This is the first I’ve heard of the problem, so I guess it’s not an overly abundant one. I’ve had mine since launch and this started a week ago.

    Why would mine work for over a year and then without any part of my setup or settings change make it do this? :/

    It blinks blue once, beeps once, then appears to power down again. A second consecutive button press does nothing. Only every other press and it’s always the same. Immediately turns back off after a clicking noise.

    I’ve tried everything I could find on the internet. The only thing that seemed to work is the method referenced in this article. But even after all that, it was random. Sometimes you could play 10 straight hours.. Sometimes it would crash 2 mins after loading a game. I’ve also tried removing the hard drive and putting it right back in as suggested elsewhere. Now it won’t even load safe mode.

    I have to say though, that even outside of warranty (by a month), Sony is still going to handle it at no cost to me. Still wish I could have found a workaround because it doesn’t seem “broken”.

    1. Deniz says

      I have the same problem do you have a fix

  6. po'd ps owner says

    my ps4 just beeps one and the blue light just flashes once. so i called the game stop that i got it from 60 DAYS BEFORE THIS HAPPEND and they said to send it in so i did. and some time had passed so i called to ask about my system and the told me that i had an “insect infestation” and they voided the warrenty and sent it back when i asked what i could do i was informed that i could send right back in and they could look at it again because i guess they put another warrenty on it when they send it back. but i cant help but feel that i am being jerked around all i wanna do is play my new ps4 that i spent $500 on. never will i buy 1st gen games and never will i buy a ps product im staying with xbox

  7. reymond antonio says

    I want to replacement to my ps4 because I send my ps4 to Sony service they said it’s ok but until now didn’t work.

  8. BRUNA says

    hey people! i had the same problem and tried all the steps that sony (and other people) gave. Nothing worked. I was getting pretty frustrated! Then i watched a video where the guy turned upside down the ps4! IT WORKED FOR ME! IF U HAVE THE BLUE LIGHT OF DEATH, TURN OFF YOUR PS4, TURN IT UPSIDE DOWN, AND TURN IT BACK ON! IT REALLY WORKS!

    1. Dan says

      This worked! THANK YOU.

    2. Rayshawna says

      Yo! You are KIDDING ME?!? I swear to god… This f*cking worked… Thank you kind stranger…..

      1. Quentin Moore says

        LOL! Glad you got it working. 🙂

    3. Richard Hernandez says

      Do u have to leave it upside down from that point on?

    4. sinath says


  9. Raeven says

    The PS4 had my hopes high. I waited months, months to avoid getting a brick, and finally got one as an early birthday present off Amazon—which wasn’t even a month ago. When I got it in the mail, it worked just fine. However when I did that ps4 to ps3 transfer shit on COD Ghosts it started to act odd. Now I’ve got the blue light of rage, and honestly my rage could not be greater…I waited, and waited, and waited to get this thing, the one thing I wanted, that I deserved despite all the bad luck I have been having, but this thing is a fucking brick. I tried your fix, and it worked—thank you, but then it just shut off again. In my honest opinion, Sony has not shown PlayStation fans the loyalty that we deserve. They sell us broken shit—just like Microsoft had with the 360, instead of just doing right by us. The hassle of waiting for the second batch and all that, the waiting, all just to buy a fucking brick system….had I known, I would have just bought the fucking Xbox and been done with it, at least I knew to expect that to fuck off. But here I thought Sony had the superior product! I am so tempted to just get a fucking 3DS and just.say.fuck it. I should have bought a Les Paul instead. But no, I trusted Sony to do right, and ah, pardon my French, but Sony basically fucked me and didn’t tell me the condom broke. I trusted the company, we all did, and the fact they didn’t do their best is truly painful…now I have to wait even more before this turd is fixed, or I get a “new” one. I will be requesting a new one out of the box, not just some refurbished bullshit. -sigh.- Thanks for listening, and I really appreciate your fix idea…it was more than the actual tech guys gave me, and it at least worked for a while. It’s amazing how you do the job better than they do.

  10. Pavel says

    got the same issue today, doubled by I was ordered it from USA to Moscow and waited almost 2 months for delivery ( is a terrible delivery provider, mimic of
    2 months of waiting and finally got PS4 which doesn’t work.
    one strange thing in my story is that it was started actually on second attempt and was able to download 1.6, then I went for dinner and then I came back, PS4 welcomed me with BLoD only.
    And now nothing works as in your video. I’ve tried all different combinations, but seems like it is over.
    so much frustration, thanks SONY for that experience.

  11. HeavinsPariah says

    Traded my 360 for a ps4 today at GameStop. Got the system, kill zone, and cod. I couldn’t legally get home fast enough and everyone needed me to do something before the epic night of gaming could begin. When I finally got home and hooked everything up I was treated to a pretty blue flashing light and no sound or video signal. Yea I traded a game system I didn’t play as much as my ps3 for a console that I can’t play at all. Lmao what kind of luck is that. But on a serious note considering how long they have known about the problem I would like to think that stores could have been told to do a test before the system was sold to weed out the defective ones before super excited people who have been saving since they heard about the system coming out and still having to wait after launch to afford one. Although I’m glad I didn’t have to stand in the cold with only anticipation keeping me warm just to get home and find out you bought a brick after an hour of searching the net for a way to make it work. We’ll gamestop opens in like 5 hours time to get ready to get a new one. Only I’m not leaving the store until I know I got one that works.

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