How to Use Siri, Siri Commands List for iPhone 7 & iPad

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Learn how to use Siri using our comprehensive Siri Commands List and questions, updated for iOS 10, optimized for mobile Safari browsers. These cool and useful Siri Commands can be used on your iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPad Air (and later), iPad Mini (and later), and the 5th generation iPod Touch (and later).

What is Siri? The Siri App is a personal data assistant for iOS compatible devices such as the iPhone. You can ask Siri to perform task such as making phone calls, sending messages, or setting reminders. You can ask Siri questions about news, sports, and weather. This article provides dozens of questions to ask Siri.

Do you know of questions to ask Siri that are not list? Please share your Siri App questions in the comments section below.

How to Use Siri – Configure Siri Settings

To see how to use Siri, how to turn Siri on, or how to configure Siri settings, see the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Siri Settings: Go to Settings > General > Siri.
  2. Change the Siri setting to the “On” position, indicated by a green switch.
  3. Change the Allow “Hey Siri” setting to “On” if you want to access Siri hands free.*
  4. Select your preferred language and gender. Select “Always” for the Voice Feedback setting. For the My Info setting, select your contact book profile (create one if it doesn’t existing).
  5. To use the Siri App, press and hold the home button until you here the audible prompt, speak your command or ask your question, then release the home button.

Alternatively, you can use Siri by releasing the home button before giving your voice command. Note that this method is slower than the one mentioned above.

If you turned on the Allow “Hey Siri” setting, you can access Siri by saying “Hey Siri”. Note that this only works when your device is connected to power, unless you have an iPhone 6s or higher.

Siri Commands - How to use SiriSiri Questions for Calls, Messaging, and Contacts

See Siri commands for defining relationships, making calls, and sending/retrieving email and text messages (SMS).

Define Relationships between you and your contacts

  • “Call me Roy”
  • “My wife is ‘Kerry Washington'”
  • “My brother is ‘Justin Bieber'”
  • “Alicia Keys’ is my mom”
  • “My boss name is ‘Sean Combs'”
  • “My dad is ‘Andrew Bachelor'”

Ask Siri to search Contacts

  • “When is my wife’s birthday?”
  • “What’s Justin’s address?”
  • “What is my father’s phone number?”
  • “Who is Sean Combs?”
  • “Show Alicia ‘s home email address”
  • “Show Justin Bieber”
  • “Find people named Kardashian”

Ask Siri to make a Phone Call or FaceTime

  • “Call Justin”
  • “Call my wife on mobile”
  • “Call home”
  • “Call my mother on her work phone”
  • “Call 703 555 1212”
  • “Redial last number”
  • “Return missed call”
  • “Call back my last missed call”
  • “Siri, should I call Sean?”
  • “Get my call history”
  • “Call 911”

Ask Siri to make a FaceTime Call

  • “FaceTime Andrew “
  • “FaceTime audio Andrew “
  • “FaceTime video Andrew “
  • “Make a FaceTime call to Andrew “

Ask Siri to Send Text Messages (SMS)

  • “Send a message to my Justin”
  • “Send a message to Sean saying ‘Let’s sign the new record deal tonight'”
  • “Send a message to Kerry on her mobile saying ‘I am running late'”
  • “Text my mom and dad saying ‘Let’s have dinner tomorrow evening'”
  • “Text Sharon and Becky saying ‘Where are you?'”
  • “Send a message to 301 555 1212”

Ask Siri to Read Text Messages (SMS)

  • “Read my new messages”
  • “Read it again”

Ask Siri to Reply to Text Messages

  • “Reply ‘I love you too'”
  • “Reply ‘I will arrive in 10 minutes'”
  • “Call him on mobile”

Ask Siri about Voice Mail

  • “Check my voice mail”
  • “Do I have new voice mail?”
  • “Play my last voice mail”
  • “Play the last voicemail from Pam”
  • “Play voice mail from Kerry”

Ask Siri to Send Email Messages

  • “New email to Sean Combs”
  • “Email Kerry and Lisa and say ‘I am going out of town this weekend'”
  • “Email mom about the trip”
  • “Mail Justin about the concert tickets”

Ask Siri to Check Email Messages

  • “Check email”
  • “Read my last email”
  • “Do I have any new messages?”
  • “Any new email from my boss today?”
  • “Show the email from Kerry yesterday”
  • “Show new mail about the football game”

Ask Siri to Respond to Email Messages

  • “Reply ‘Hey Kerry, let’s watch Scandal tonight”
  • “Call him at work”

Ask Siri About Messages

“Read my notifications”

Ask Siri to Locate Friends and Family

  • “Where is my wife?”
  • “Is my wife at home?”
  • “Where is my Justin?”
  • “Where are all my friends?”
  • “Who is near me?”

Siri Commands - How to use Siri - Productivity CommandsSiri Productivity Commands

See Siri commands related to reminders, manage lists and notes, and set alarms and timers.

Siri Commands for Calendar

  • “Schedule a meeting with Sean tomorrow at 1 PM”
  • “Schedule a conference call with Justin today at 7 PM”
  • “Schedule a meeting about the new acquisition at 1 PM”
  • “schedule meeting about renovations at 2PM tomorrow in the conference room
  • “Set up a meeting at 10 AM”
  • “Set up a meeting with Brian at 11 AM”
  • “New appointment with Andrew Tuesday at noon”
  • “Meet with Kerry at 6”

Ask Siri to change events

  • “Reschedule 7 PM meeting to 9 PM”
  • “Reschedule my 10 AM meeting today”
  • “Reschedule my appointment with Dr. Manning to next Monday at 9am”
  • “Move my 2pm meeting to 3:30 PM”
  • “Add Andrew to 3:30 meeting”
  • “Add Alicia to meeting with Andrew”
  • “Cancel the new acquisition meeting”

Ask Siri about your events

  • “What’s on my calendar today?
  • “What’s on my calendar tomorrow?
  • “What’s on my calendar for Friday?”
  • “When is my next meeting”
  • “Where is my next meeting?”
  • “When is my next appointment?”
  • “When am I meeting with Justin?”

Contextual Reminders (Remind me About This)

Most of Apple’s apps support this feature. For example, you can ask the Siri App to remind you about a web page you’re looking at in Safari, a specific location in Maps, a text message in Messages, a contact card in Contacts, your last edited document in Apple’s office suite, and more.

  • “Remind me about this”
  • “remind me about this in an hour”
  • “Remind me about this when I get home”
  • “Remind me about this when I get to the car”
  • “Remind me about this email Friday at noon”
  • “Remind me about ‘this place’ when I get in the car”

Ask Siri to set a Reminder

  • “Remind me to check the mailbox”
  • “Remember to stop by the bank”

Time based reminders

  • “Remind me to call mom at 7 PM”
  • “Remind me to walk the dogs at 7am tomorrow”
  • “Remind me to leave work at 4 PM”

Location based reminders

  • “Remind me to water the flowers when I get home”
  • “Remind me to stop by the dry cleaners when I leave work”
  • “Remember to pick up dry cleaning next Friday”
  • “Remind me to call Kerry when I leave”
  • “Remind me to call Barry when I get to work”

Ask Siri to Create and Find Notes

  • “Create note: Door pass code is one two three two”
  • “Note that I spent $25 on dinner”
  • “Create song list note
  • “Find my song list note”
  • “Add Alicia Keys to my song list note”

Ask Siri to check the time

  • “What time is it?”
  • “What day is it?”
  • “What is today’s date?”
  • “What time is it in New York?”
  • “What time is it in Belgium?”
  • “What’s the date this Friday?”

Ask Siri to set or change Alarms

  • “Set an alarm for 7 AM”
  • “Wake me up tomorrow at 5 AM”
  • “Wake me up on weekdays at 6 AM”
  • “Wake me up on weekends at 10 AM”
  • “Wake me up in 3 hours”
  • “Change my 7 AM alarm to 6:30 AM”
  • “Show all alarms”
  • “Turn off my 6:30 alarm”
  • “Delete my 6:30 alarm”
  • “Turn off all alarms”

Ask Siri to use a Timer

  • “Set the timer for 10 minutes”
  • “Show the timer”
  • “Reset the timer”
  • “Stop the timer”
  • “Resume the timer”
  • “Change timer”

Siri Commands - How to use Siri - On the Go CommandsSiri On the Go Questions

Ask Siri for Maps and Directions

  • “Where am I?”
  • “How do I get home?”
  • “Directions to home”
  • “Directions to my Sean’s home”
  • “Take me to my wife”
  • “Show my current location”
  • “Show me Union Station”
  • “Give me public transit directions to the Union Station”
  • “Show me directions from Washington DC to Philadelphia Pennsylvania”
  • “Are we there yet?”
  • “What’s my ETA?”

Ask Siri about Restaurants

  • “Show me restaurant information for Cheesecake Factory in Arlington”
  • “Show me reviews for Cheesecake Factory in Arlington”
  • “I need a reservation tonight at Cheesecake Factory tonight”
  • “Show me good seafood restaurants near me”
  • “Table for four in Washington DC Friday Night”

Siri Questions For Local Businesses

  • “Find pizza near me”
  • “Find coffee near me”
  • “Where’s a good Chinese place around here?”
  • “Find Starbucks near me”
  • “Good Mexican restaurants near me”
  • “What’s the best restaurant in Arlington?”
  • “Find a gas station near me”
  • “I’m running low on gas”
  • “Show me the closest hospital”
  • “I need a good plumber”
  • “Show ATMs near me”
  • “Is there a pharmacy near me?”
  • “I need some aspirin”
  • “Show me the nearest WiFi hotspots”
  • “Find a happy hour nearby”
  • “What time does Burger King close?”
  • “Where’s a good inexpensive place to eat around here?”
  • “Find me a place to eat where I can sit outside”
  • “Where’s a good hair salon?”

Math and Conversions

  • “What is 71 x 2?”
  • “What is 2 to the 8th power?”
  • “What is the square root of 144?”
  • “What’s an 18% tip on $85?”
  • “What is the tip on $220?”
  • “How much is $100 in Canadian dollars?”
  • “What is 32 degrees Fahrenheit in Celsius?”
  • “How many cups in a liter?”
  • “How many ounces in a cup?”

Siri Questions for Entertainment

Siri Commands - How to use Siri - Apple Music Commands

Apple Music Siri Commands

Here are some Apple Music Siri Commands we have found so far. More to come.

  • “Play Born to Run
  • “Play the number one song right now”
  • “Play the top rock songs now”
  • “Shuffle the top 10 hip-hop songs”
  • “Play the most popular song from June 2014”
  • “Play the song from Selma
  • “Play top song from 1999”
  • “Play Only by Nicki Minaj”
  • “I like this song”
  • “Play my Rock and Roll station”
  • “I want to hear the live version of this song”
  • “Add Taylor Swift to my library”
  • “Get the new Kendrick Lamar album”
  • “Buy this song”
  • “Add this song to my wish list”

Music Playback Controls

  • “Play Jazz music”
  • “Play exercise playlist”
  • “Play work playlist”
  • “Shuffle my Road Trip playlist”
  • “Play the album ‘The New Classic'”
  • “Play the album ‘The New Classic’ shuffled”
  • “Play Alicia Keys”
  • “Play ‘Love Never Felt So Good'”
  • “Play more songs like this”
  • “Pause music”
  • “Stop music”
  • “Resume music
  • “Skip track”
  • “Play previous track”
  • “What music is playing?”
  • “Hey Siri, what song is this?”
  • “Play Alicia Keys on iTunes radio”

Apple TV

  • “Show my family movies”
  • “Show me funny TV shows”

Ask Siri about Movie Theaters

  • “What movies are coming out this weekend?”
  • “What movies are playing near me?”
  • “Find some movie theaters near me”
  • “Find movie theaters in McLean, VA”
  • “Find movie theaters near my office”
  • “Can you recommend a movie?”
  • “Are there any 3D movies playing around here?”
  • “What are the best movies playing right now?”
  • “What R-Rated movies are playing?”
  • “What are some PG movies playing this today?”
  • “What action movies are playing”

Ask Siri about Movies

  • What’s the the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens about?
  • “Show me reviews of the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens”
  • “Show me ratings for Star Wars: The Force Awakens”
  • “Do people like Star Wars: The Force Awakens?”
  • “Play the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens”
  • “Who directed Captain America Winter Soldier?”
  • “When was the movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’ released?”
  • “Who starred in the movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’?”
  • “What movie won best picture in 1998?”
  • “How many movies has Samuel Jackson been in?”
  • “Buy season two of Breaking Bad”
  • “Buy the latest season of Homeland”

Social Media

Ask Siri to Post to Facebook

  • “Post on Facebook ‘On my way to the beach'”
  • “Write on my wall ‘Having a great time in Florida’

Ask Siri to Post to Twitter

  • “Tweet I love my iPhone 6 plus hashtag iPhone”
  • “Tweet visit”
  • “Post to Twitter ‘Chip Kelly is awesome!'”
  • “Tweet ‘Who are you voting for this election’ hashtag politics”
  • “Tweet my location ‘Having fun in Miami!'”
  • “Search Twitter for best WordPress tips”
  • “What’s trending on Twitter”

Siri Questions for News, Sports, & Weather

Siri Commands - How to use Siri - News CommandsNews

“What’s the latest in San Francisco?”

Siri Questions about the Weather

  • “What’s the weather like today?”
  • “What’s the temperature outside?”
  • “What’s the weather like for the next hour?”
  • “What’s the weather for tomorrow?”
  • “What’s the forecast for this weekend?”
  • “Is it going to snow next week?”
  • “How’s the weather in Paris right now?”
  • “Will it rain in Miami this week?”
  • “Is it hot in Miami right now?”
  • “Check next week’s forecast for New York”
  • “How humid is it in New York right now?”
  • “What’s the high for Miami on Friday?”
  • “When is sunrise in London?”
  • “When is sunset in Portland?”
  • “Did the groundhog see its shadow?”
  • “What’s the UV Index outside?”

Siri Sports Questions

  • “Show me football scores from Sunday”
  • “Show me NFL standings”
  • “When do the Philadelphia Eagles play next?”
  • “Show me the Philadelphia Eagles season schedule”
  • “Which NFL team has the most yards?”
  • “Show me the roster of the Denver Nuggets”
  • “Show me career statistics for Nick Foles”
  • “When does the NBA season start?”
  • “Is there an NBA game today?”
  • “How many regular-season games does each NBA team play?”
  • “Did the Sixers win?”
  • “When is the next Sixers home game”
  • “Who won the Super Bowl”
  • “Who has the most touchdowns?”
  • “Who will win the Redskins game?”
  • “Who’s the quarterback for Washington?”

Ask Siri to check Stocks

  • “How is the stock market doing today?”
  • “What is the Dow at?”
  • “Where is the Nasdaq at today?”
  • “Show me the stock information for Microsoft”
  • “What is Apple’s stock price?”
  • “Compare AAPL and the Dow Jones”
  • “What did Microsoft close at today?”
  • “How is the Nikkei doing?”
  • “What is Sony’s PE ratio?”

Siri Commands - How to use Siri - More CommandsWeb Searches and Info

Search the Web

  • “Search the web for best Windows tablets”
  • “Search for baked chicken recipes”
  • “Search the web for best smartphones”
  • “Search for news about the November Elections”
  • “Search Google for Siri commands”
  • “Search Google for top jazz albums”
  • “Google upcoming tablets”
  • “Search Wikipedia for Siri
  • “Search Bing for upcoming movies”
  • “Bing upcoming smartphones”
  • “Search Twitter for Tech Ranker
  • “Search Yahoo for what’s happening in China”
  • “What’s the definition of democratic?”
  • “Show me the Orion constellation”
  • “How do you spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?”

Search the Web for Images

  • “Search for images of dogs”
  • “Search for images of Washington DC”
  • “Search for images of Microsoft Surface”

Ask a question using Wolfram Alpha

  • “What’s the price of gasoline in Washington, DC?”
  • “How tall is Justin Beiber?”
  • “When was Abraham Lincoln born?”
  • “How many calories in a soda?”
  • “How far away is the Moon?”
  • “What’s the population of India?”
  • “How many days until Thanksgiving?”
  • “What are the properties of chartreuse?”
  • “What is the nutritional information for a bowl of Cheerios?”
  • “Earthquakes, Hawaii, 1985”
  • “cumulonimbus cloud”
  • “How many degrees are in 3 radians?”
  • “What is the wavelength of 500MHz?”
  • “What is the molecular structure of corundum?”
  • “What notes are in a B minor chord?”
  • “What is “No school tomorrow” in Morse Code?”
  • “How many calories in a bagel?”
  • “When is daylight saving time?”
  • “How high is El Capitan?”
  • “What is the molecular weight of caffeine?”

Other Commands & Questions to ask Siri

Below are some additional awesome Siri Commands including phone commands, app commands, Home Kit commands, and more.

Secret Siri CommandsPhone Settings

  • “Turn on airplane mode”
  • “Turn on Wi-Fi”
  • “Turn on Bluetooth”
  • “Turn on ‘do not disturb'”
  • “Turn on flashlight”
  • “Turn up brightness of display”
  • “Make the screen brighter”
  • “Display privacy settings”
  • “Is Bluetooth on?”
  • “Open Phone Settings”
  • “Turn on Do Not Disturb”

Launch an App

  • “Play Angry Birds”
  • “Open Music”
  • “Launch Spotify”
  • “Take a picture”
  • “Find calculator apps”
  • Get the Minecraft app

App Settings

  • “Open music settings”
  • “Open mail settings”
  • “Open Twitter settings”

Home Kit Macro Commands

  • “I’m Home” (turn on lights, adjust thermostat)
  • “Movie Night” (dim living room and dining room lights)
  • “Good Night” (turn off all lights in the living room, dining room, etc.)

Home Kit Device Commands

  • “Lock the front door”
  • “Set the brightness of the bedroom lights to 40%”
  • “Set temperature to 68 degrees”
  • “Turn off lights in living room”
  • “Turn the master bedroom lights all the way up”


  • “Show Accessibility Settings”
  • “Turn on Voice Over”
  • “Turn Off Voice Over”

Share your Tips on How to Use Siri

Know of any cool and useful Siri Commands List not listed above? Share your Siri Questions with us in the comments section below. Also check out the Siri Commands video below. The video contains some additional tips on how to use Siri.


  1. Sue Ann Beshears says

    I have a new I phone with a new sim card. When orienting Siri, she set my name as my daughters. I cannot figure out to change this. Does anyone have any suggestions.

    1. Sam says

      Simply say ” Call me [your name]”

  2. Marcia says

    How do I turn up Siri’s voice….it’s so faint I can hardly hear it.

  3. only-me says

    SIRI should be good BUT and it is a big BUT it is unreliable

    Having some unexpected music playing on my laptop I asked SIRI to identify it. SIRI couldn’t. I then tried a lot of other music (using quality orchestras / performers etc, not way-out variations) but SIRI couldn’t identify much. The original enquiry was about a Vivaldi Seasons piece, then I tried Bond, Amedeus, La Cygne (opera), l’Italiano (light Italian pop), Chabrier’s España

    It did identify some Rachmaninoff, got the conductor right and orchestra wrong – I call that as OK
    As for Khachaturian’s Spartacus by the RPO it gave a Brasilian name and some very different orchestra (translated it was Spartacus)

    Needs to learn more

  4. Nana J says

    This is such a great article with so many things I didn’t know . Thank you. I have one question. If Siri does a web search for me and comes up with various articles to read and I click on one, how do I get back to Siri to show me the other articles I would like to read? I tried everything but couldn’t find any info. Thanks a million for any expertise and advice.?

    1. Burton Becky says

      I had the same question and found answer was provided with a later Siri update. Open Siri but before you ask the question scroll up the screen and it shows your most recent search result list. If after selecting a result you want to return to the list press the back key but I haven’t tested this I just opened Siri again and scrolled up.

  5. Robin Cutts says

    Can I make Siri email an picture as an attachment?

  6. Jerry Kosbab says

    CAn I ask Siri to answer the phone making it hands free.
    I.e. Siri answer phone to speaker

  7. Nearby says

    Siri is one of the unique things that make iPhone to stand out of the crowd.

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  10. Carol says

    When I ask Siri a question how do I get her to read me her answer. I can’t see printed answers.

    1. Pal says

      @Carol, try with VoiceOver. You can enable it in the accessibility settings. Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver (this will speak all items on screen)

  11. Jan says

    Is Siri able to actually snap a pic once she’s opened the app?

  12. ban laptop cu gia re says

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  14. Stephen Miles Jr says

    When I told Siri to “Start video recording”,
    she answered “I’m sorry, Stephen, I can’t help you with videos.”

  15. Dayle Lee Florio says

    id like to know of a way to start timer via Siri-then stop timer for that time interim and ‘name’ what that time slot was used for ie meeting with Jack 1pm to 1:23 pm. Charge to his acct or something similar.
    It should be do-able, No?

  16. Rob says

    Your text commands are rather verbose. It’s not necessary to be so explicit. The commands can be much simpler. E.g.:

    “Tell Justin that this is a test message”
    “Tell Sean Let’s sign the new record deal tonight”
    “Tell Kerry’s mobile I am running late”
    “Tell my mom and dad Let’s have dinner tomorrow evening”
    “Ask Sharon and Becky Where are you?”
    “Tell 301 555 1212 this is a test message″

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  18. Judy Rosella says

    I love asking Siri, “Siri, tell me a joke.” She doesn’t know many but they are funny.

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    Awesome post.

  20. Gary says

    Somehow I accidentally turned on my Siri on my iphone 6. ANd I can’t figure how to turn it off. What did I do and in the future, How do I turn Siri on when I want to use it and off when I don’t need to use it? Any help?

    1. john stutz says

      Hey Gary,
      Did you get answers? These are my same questions. Can you help?

      1. Rosario Bruh says

        Settings> General> Siri> Then turn on or off.

  21. darketernal says

    I hate apple and my wife has an iphone 6. I used Siri and screamed “i hate steve jobs ” then Siri stops working, too funny. Try it.

    1. Agc says

      Why read this post if you hate Apple? You secretly love it, don’t you?

  22. hugo says

    Great list, Quentin, thanks!
    What i fail to find – here or through Google – is if and how my mum, who can’t use her hands anymore, can accept my incoming Facetime call using Siri. Since it’s possible to initiate a Facetime call by voice, it seems logical it’s also possible to accept one by voice, but I can’t discover how. Thanks so much for your help!

    1. Matt says

      Your mom can have Siri answer using voice commands with hey siri. It is available under IOS 8.1 or later and can be set under the Siri controls in settings. Also, for hey Siri to work the iPad or iPhone has to be plugged in.

  23. Brad says

    Is there a command that can have Siri turn phone to sleep mode (like pressing the power button) I reply to texts without removing my phone from my pocket, but have to manually turn phone back to sleep

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  27. Ross says

    Siri cannot turn on the flashlight on my iPhone 6 plus.

    1. FireWarrior says

      ““Turn on flashlight” also got me a “Sorry, but I’m not able to do that” reply on my iPhone 6+ iOS 8.4.1. Same for variations such as “Turn on my flashlight”, “Turn on the flashlight”, “Flashlight on”, etc

  28. Vanessa says

    This post is worth everyone’s attention. How can I find out more?

  29. Mark says

    When Using voice dictation (not Siri), how do I get it to either delete the last word, or send the text message if I didn’t use Siri to initiate the text message?

  30. jeff says

    any way to factory reset iphone 5c only using voice commands to siri? touch pad is busted and I need to reset.

    1. Tony says

      If the device is plugged into power with the new 8.0.2. update I assume,) you can just say “hey Siri” and speak your command.

      1. jeff says

        tried that and I say “factory reset phone” and a window then pops up and says I have no sim card (which I don’t) and I then would have to touch the screen OK. Touch screen broken so cant do that. Any other suggestions?

        1. kiper says

          You can do a restore through itunes you can download a restore of your ios through many websites put the phone in recovery mode then connect it to itunes hold shift if your using windows when you select restore and you can chose which file to restore.i think its control in mac ios that you have to go inti recovery mode power off the phone somehow and hold home button and power for 10 sec then let off power while holding home still.

  31. elizabeth says

    I asked Siri “do you want to go on a date?” and she replied: “I’d love to, but I lack corporeal form.”. 🙂

  32. Arnoldo says

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about click here. Regards

  33. AholA says

    One time I read that suicide was illegal in the US and I was curious and wanted to know if it was true, so I asked Siri and instead of answering she asked if I wanted to call a Suicide Hotline. Obviously I said no but she dialed it anyway.

  34. Tai says

    Hi! my friend does not know how to increase the size of words when she is reading something on her iphone. Her eyesight is very bad. Could you please send me how she can do it? Thank you.

    1. jj says

      GOOGLE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. FireWarrior says

      Go to SETTINGS >>>> GENERAL >>>>> ACCESSIBILITY >>>>> ZOOM >>>>> and then (a) turn on ZOOM and (b) drag the MAXIMUM ZOOM LEVEL slider (bottom of screen) all the way to the right.
      Before leaving that screen, suggest trying both of the ZOOM REGION settings.
      If even greater magnification is desired, go back to ACCESSIBILITY. Go to >>>>> LARGER TEXT and then (a) turn on LARGER ACCESSIBILITY SIZES and (b) drag the slider all the way to the right.

  35. As says

    You can also ask Siri which flights are overhead and she/he will show you a list of flights flying over your location at that moment.

  36. Julie says

    I was at a Luke Bryan concert yesterday and dropped my iphone 5s down 2 very large flights of stadium steps. while my iphone did not crack (my some miracle) the hardware is completely shot and the screen isn’t working. However, I can still receive updates, texts, phone calls and all other things, I just can’t use the screen. Does anyone know of a way to get siri to send an email with pictures or to get her to back up my phone since I can’t manually do it ?

    1. kiper says

      Connect to itunes and back it up.

  37. Daniel Rogers says

    I told Siri that I loved her and she said, “That’s sweet, Dan, but it’s not meant to be.” She is great at, “Find me a recipe for…”

  38. Renee says

    My iOS 7 Siri on my iPad is absolutely horrible I so prefer the artificial intelligence of my Siri of yesterday!

  39. Saint Heretic says

    ………………………Who has more time on their hands, apple for anticipating and then programming those questions and responses, you for figuring em all out, or me for watching this video???????

  40. IJ says

    Thanks! This is pretty handy for my iPhone 5c! =)

  41. Preacher says

    “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”

    42? That can’t be right.

    I was seriously rolling…. 🙂

  42. Lauren says

    THANK YOU!!! Just got an iPhone 5c (never had Siri before) and this is EXACTLY the list I need! Thank you so much for taking the time to create this post! You have help not only me but my techno-illiterate mother as well 🙂

  43. aashish says

    Thanks a lot Frannz for this huge list of commands for SIRI, Easy to kill my time with siri though 🙂

  44. shawna says

    Ask Siri “What does the fox say?” … You’ll get 3 different responses. Hilarious.

  45. Karen says

    Can I use Siri to add text to family photos. I want to record family history by using my iPad to capture documents and photos etc, and speak the accompanying text to be saved with each individual image. Is there an app for this perhaps?

  46. FEW says

    How do I get Siri to call me by name when I use her?

    1. Jenn says

      Goto Settings/General/Siri and associate My info with your own contact info.

    2. Angela says

      I just do, “Siri, call me ____”.

      1. Marcus says

        I like when Siri call me Your Grace… I feel like a King yeahhh! 😀

        1. Qrist says

          I changed mine to a males voice and asked him to call me captain so every time I say “beam me up scotty” He say, “I’m having a wee bit ‘o trouble captain.” 🙂 Lol

          *Do or do not, there is no logic except to live long and to throw the ring in the fire, Frodo.*

          1. Rich M says

            Is the male’s voice Scottish? 😛

  47. Crony island says

    With the brother and sister command. How do you add brother or sister if you have multiple. Coz Siri can only remember 1 each? In there a way to make Siri recognize multiple brothers or sisters?

    1. Kim says

      I told Siri that he is my oldest son and my youngest son. It worked.

  48. R7der says

    If you could name your Photographs, it would be pretty cool if Siri could retrieve a certain picture for you, by its namesake. Would save loads of time too.

  49. Junaid Ahmed says

    no. 1 is awesome .

  50. rob reid says

    my father can’t see much so Siri is great for writing emails; but can you get it to read the draft back to him, please before sending?

    1. Joe says

      Yes. Turn on VoiceOver in Settings > General > Accessibility. Learning VoiceOver takes some doing. I would google for some instruction since the phone will operate different but gives great feedback. Additionally, without VoiceOver on, using headphones gives certain audible feedback as well.

  51. Dany says

    Is there a way to ask Siri to put on Passcode On ?

  52. Amanda says

    This is a good list, but I must add for amusement sake that you can ask siri some rather lude questions, for which I will not give examples due to mixed company, but if you’re curious, come up with some of the most inappropriate things you can ask Siri and see what kind of witty retorte you get. Even just try saying “I love you” or “What are you wearing?” lol

  53. Tim Noonan says

    After dictating a text message, when Siri cuts you off, you can use the Append command such as

    “Append So please give me a call to discuss”

    and siri will add ” so please give me a call to discuss” to the message.

    If you have more than one reminder categories, you can say

    “Add Bananas to my groceries list”

    This is particularly great if you use any list and want to add items to lists without launching the Anylist app.

  54. mdaily says

    I am trying to find out a complete set of Siri commands in Spanish. Can you or anyone point me in the right direction? It is for someone who is sight impaired but is Spanish-speaking. Thanks.

  55. Junaid Ahmed says

    nice and well done.
    useful info.

  56. Junaid Ahmed says

    wow , helps in commanding siri something new.

  57. Maggie says

    Is there any way to update a location for a company that has moved I wanted to go to Tandy Leather Factory in Las Vegas NV and sent me. To the old location I realized halfway there what she was doing and updated to the new location

  58. David Walker says

    Can Siri “ON” I want to be able to ask her the time in the middle of the night. When I asked Siri if she could “stay on” she said ” I can’t find a hotel nearby”

  59. babytoes says

    I once asked Siri “How do you get to Carnegie Hall,” and she responded “Practice, practice, practice.” Now, she just gives directions to Carnegie Hall. No fun

  60. Neil K says

    Siri is also helpful, for example, if you are having a text conversation with an intelligent person who uses big words, and you might not know the definition of a particular word every once in a while. I can quickly hold down on the home button and ask Siri “definition of ubiquitous” and she immediately shows the definition (without having to search the web for it) and I can quickly respond to the text without appearing to be a moron. 🙂

  61. Rachel says

    Please add an entry about dictating punctuation to Siri. I don’t know all the available punctuation marks. For example, is there a way to dictate an opening and closing parenthesis?

    1. Quentin Moore says

      Great suggestion. I’ll add this the next time I update the list.

    2. Neil K says

      Yes, simply say “open parenthesis” and “close parenthesis” at the precise moment during dictating when you want them inserted. Same with “colon,” “semicolon,” “comma,” “ellipsis” (“dot dot dot” also works), “open quote,” “close quote,” “hyphen,” (speak “high hyphen tech” to get “high-tech,” “dash,” and just about any other punctuation marks you can think of work this way. Good annunciation, of course, is important. One funny drawback to doing this A LOT is that I’ve occasionally found myself saying “comma” mid-sentence while having a face-to-face conversation with someone. LOL.

      1. Rich M says

        What if you need it to actually type dash, or dot? Like what if I wanted to say “I need you to dash to the store”? Of course some will tell me “Just say, ‘I need you to run to the store'”, but I am just giving that as an example. What if I needed to say “After 4th period we will have lunch”… yet Siri writes that as “After forth . we will have lunch”. Is there a way to get it to type the word rather than put the punctuation?

  62. Barbara Reina says

    What are the properties of chartreuse?
    What is the nutritional information for a bowl of Cheerios?
    Earthquakes, Hawaii, 1985
    cumulonimbus cloud
    How many degrees are in 3 radians?
    What is the wavelength of 500MHz?
    What is the molecular structure of corundum?
    What notes are in a B minor chord?
    What is “No school tomorrow” in Morse Code?
    What is the molecular weight of caffeine?

    1. Quentin Moore says

      Wow! Thank you for these commands! I’ll add them to the list!

    2. Barbara Reina says

      …and a funny!
      What are the Four Laws of Robotics?

      1. Barbara Reina says

        ooops! lol I mean 3 laws >.< she gives a fourth lol

  63. sis says

    When I ask siri to remind me of something my old iphone 4s would repeat the question and ask what time would i like to be reminded. my replacement phone doesn’t why not

    1. Quentin Moore says

      Not sure why Siri would work differently on a different phone. Is the software on your iPhone up to date?

    2. Michael says

      I just say right off, “Remind me at 4 p.m. to call home..”

  64. PJ says

    I was sending an email on siri, but it must not have been sent and it disappeared. Is there a draft somewhere on the phone?

    1. Quentin Moore says

      When I Googled about this a while back, I saw that Siri doesn’t save drafts. If you asked Siri to send an email and it was never received, I’m afraid that your email is lost. I suggest that you ask this question in the Apple Support Forums to find out for certain.

    2. Edbern says

      In iOS 7, just press and hold the Siri button again and scroll up the page. At least you won’t have to retype because the words will be there.

  65. Charles says

    Is there a way to turn OFF shuffle or repeat with Siri? When I’m driving, I want to play an album from start to finish without repeat and without shuffling. But if my last settings were with shuffle or repeat turned on, when I ask siri to play an album or an artist, those settings are carried over. It’s maddening that I cannot do this.

    1. Scott says

      Is it possible to send a text message without actually clicking the send button?

    2. norman says

      Yes! I have iPhone 5 and if I hold the home button, Siri will come on and is send a message to Dennis. She will tell you she found it, what do i want to say, I tell her and she says do you want me to send it!

    3. Dave W says

      Yes, someone please chime in on this. I can’t figure out how to turn off the shuffle function either.

    4. Q says

      When I word the command “Play album Paradise Theater,” Siri plays it without shuffle even if I had it on previously. This also works for playlists, I just say “Play Car Trip.” Just tested by turning on shuffle to be sure, and in both cases it turned off the shuffle setting.

  66. Rufuskohn says

    I pay my parking via my iphone but is does not automatically stop when I drive away. Can Siri remind me to stop parking when I return to the parking place?

    1. MattJones says

      Yes, you can set reminders for when you arrive at or leave a location you have added, eg “remind me to … when I leave work”

      1. Neil K says

        This feature can be used for just about any location. I’ve entered the address of my usual grocery store and occasionally tell Siri “remind me to get milk and eggs when I am at Bottom Dollar Grocery Store.” When I’m within a block of the store she reminds me. Or, “remind me to renew my driver’s license when I am at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. As long as the particular BMV I frequently drive by (and continually forget to go in and renew) is entered in my contacts with an address, as I drive within a block of it the next time I’m passing by, she’ll note how close I am to it and remind me.

  67. Canastasi says

    Is there a way to get siri to ” Call mom on Speaker”?

  68. Smileyface says

    There’s “tell a joke command”.

  69. guest says

    Mine wont tell me the date or time, says it doesn’t know for my address

    1. Si Jones says

      turn location services off then back on for Siri.

      1. Neil K says

        Good advice but you also need a contact card for yourself with your address included and you need to TELL Siri “I am .” That way she knows which contact IS YOU.

  70. Bakari says

    Thanks for these. Just got my 4S today, and your list is a very good introduction. Looks exhaustive. 

    1. SGOCI San Francisco says

       Although the list looks exhaustive, you will be surprised by more things Siri can help you with. Just keep talking to her to find out.

  71. TJO says

    Suddenly the command “Read my new message” will SOMETIMES result in a reading of my last OUTGOING message.  I can’t find a solution to this.  Am I the only one?

    1. Michael says

      “Read my messages” works for me – it just reads any new messages.

  72. Frannz says

    Where is the funny commands list?

  73. Joey Garland says

    Cool siri commands bro… but are these all siri commands though?

    1. Emandhannahshow Em12 says

      No. I have a 4S of my own and u can ask her a whole slew of things. If u saw a random, awkward question, she say the funniest things.

  74. Lupe says

    This is great list of comands thanks!

  75. AnnJones78 says

    This is the best full list of Siri Commands I have found that formats nicely on my phone.  You should add a special list of funny Siri Commands.

    1. Tech Guru Blog says

      We plan to add some more funny commands over the weekend.  Stay tuned!

  76. Praveen says

    Great post, thanks! I really want to know some more funny names for Siri to call me. Also, when will Siri work on my iPad? Wehn will Siri work on Android?

    1. Tech Guru Blog says

      I don’t think Siri will ever be offered on Android but maybe official support for the iPad is coming in a week or so.

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