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Solved: PS4 Won’t Turn On? PS4 Blue Light of Death Fix – Video

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PS4 Not Turning On? Try My PS4 Fix!

Experiencing the PS4 Blue Light of Death? If Your PS4 won’t turn on, I may have a fix for you!

When the PlayStation 4 (PS4) was released in late 2013, many users reported encountering what is now know as the PlayStation Blue Light of Death. What is the PS4 Blue Light of Death? It’s a general fault error indicated by a pulsing blue light from the console. When this happens, typically there’s no video or audio output from the Ps4. You may also observer that the PS4 turns on then off.

This issue doesn’t happen as often as it use to. It can happen for a variety of reasons. In this article, I provide you with the steps that appears to address a specific issue with HDMI syncing. The fix doesn’t require checking or swapping cables.  The fix doesn’t require doing anything with the hard drive.  I was basically able to fix the PS4 Blue Light of Death in a couple minutes.

This solution doesn’t help everyone.  In my opinion, the fix is worth a try as long as you heed the warnings. Hopefully we will get your PS4 white light back again! See the step by step directions below.

PS4 Won't Turn On - PS4 Blue Light of Death Fix Playstation 4 BLoD

How to Fix the PS4 Blue Light of Death

Below is a step by step guide I used to solve the PS4 Blue Light of Death:

WARNING: My fix includes the step of connecting the HDMI cable while the TV and the PS4 are on. This may cause damage to the TV or PS4.  Follow these instructions at your own risk!!! Safer, but untested alternative methods are below as well.

  1. Power off your PS4 by pressing the power button until the PS4 powers off.  You know the PS4 is off when the light is off.  Be certain the PS4 is off before you continue.
  2. Unplug all of the cables from the PS4.  This includes the power cable, HDMI cable, USB cable, optical cable, etc.
  3. Plug in the power cable and no other cable.  That’s right, do not plug in the HDMI cable yet.
  4. Press the power button until the PS4 beeps twice.  It will beep, then beep again in a few seconds.  A few seconds later, the blue light will turn white!  If it does not, this PS4 Blue Light of Death fix will not work for you.
  5. Next, I plugged in the HDMI cable while the PS4 was displaying the white light and the TV was on.  WARNING: Connecting the HDMI port while the TV or the PS4 is on may cause damage to the TV or PS4.  Follow these instructions at your own risk!!!!
  6. An alternative method would be to first turn off the PS4 and turn off an unplug the TV. Connect the HDMI cable to the PS4 and the TV,  Power on the PS4 by holding the power button until it beeps twice, see the white light, THEN plug in and turn on the TV.
  7. A third option would be to select a different source on your TV, see the white light on the PS4, then select the appropriate HDMI source on the TV.  Please note that I have not tested any of these alternative methods as I do not currently have a BLOD PS4 near by.
  8. Make sure you select the corresponding HDMI input on your TV.  You should then see on the screen a prompt to plug in the USB cable and Dual Shock controller.  Please do so.  You will now be in PS4 Safe Mode.PS4 Won't Turn On - PS4 Blue Light of Death Fix Playstation 4
  9. On the safe mode screen, select 2. Change Resolution.  Then click ok.  The PS4 will then restart.
  10. At this point, you should reach the PS4 Setup.  If not, repeat the steps above and try 6. Initialize PS4.
  11. If you still don’t reach the PS4 Setup, and your PS4 won’t turn on, I was not able to fix your PS4 Blue Light of Death.  Contact Sony for a replacement.
  12. If you do reach the PS4 Setup, follow all the steps.  Be certain to update the system software to at least 1.51.  After 1.51 is installed, test shutting down and turning on the PS4 to ensure that the BLoD has been fixed.

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Did my PS4 Blue Light of Death Fix Work for You?

If my PS4 BLoD fix worked for you, let me know!  Post a comment below.  Also, please share this article with anyone that may be experiencing this issue.

If my PS4 BLoD fix did not work for you and your PS4 won’t turn on, check out what to do next.

See what the PS4 Blue Light of Death looks like in the video below.

PS4 Wont Turn On - Playstation 4 Blue Light of Death Fix

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  12. I did everything it said to do and nothing worked. My ps4 beeps once and flashes blue and instantly shuts off. I need help please I don’t want to have to go by another one. Any help would be great.

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  14. I just recently purchased my ps4. Today when I woke up to it not working I freaked out and searched how to fix it and came across Quentin Moore’s BloD fix. I followed the steps and it worked like a charm! Thank you so much for this brilliant information. Sorry yours had to come to this disaster but hey we live and learn!

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  17. My ps4 no blue or white lite. It shows just as no power. Power cord ok checked.
    Seems power supply problem. Do you have any suggestion.

  18. This fix works for me. I have to do this almost every week though is that normal? its just if i pass out and it goes into rest mode on its own the next time i try to use my PS4 i have to do this. is there an HDMI setting or something i can change?

    • Dude, mine does exactly the same thing!
      I have the uncharted edition and it is 2 weeks old, only started doing this after the 3.55 firmware update!?
      Play games for hours and then pass out watching Netflix, it goes into rest mode, I power it on, blue light for a few seconds and then it clicks and goes off.
      Unplug everything and leave it for a while, and then replug and everything works? It’s really stupid if you ask me!!

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  21. This fix worked, thank you! I’ve barely had my PS4 for 4 months, so the thought of having to send it back really pissed me off. Again, thank you!

  22. this shit wont work for me when i press the dumbass button it wont do that trick which is pissing me off and now i hate it also it has the worst power supply ever cause ive been having a few storms lately and i think the sudden power surges have fucked it up so im just getting a new one and im never sending this one to sony

  23. I was totally ready to start looking for my receipt to send my PS4 back to Sony. You fixed it and taught me how to enter safe mode, which I did not know.
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  28. I tried other website’s suggestions and none worked. Your second method (unplug TV, restart ps4 with all cables attached, then plug in and turn on TV) worked perfectly! Thank you so much!

  29. thanks i just tried starting my ps4 but when changing from VGA to HDMI2 on my screen (VGA = my PC, HDMI2 = the ps4) I only got some black background, then no screen at all, then black background again and so on and so on. I unplugged all, did your alternative method and now I’m on my ps4 menu again 🙂

  30. Hi, it worked for me thanks for publishing the protocol. I am pretty sure this issue occurred because of a software update for Star Wars Battlefront. I turned on the machine and it said there was an update so I was playing the game in offline mode though I was connected to the network and the system suddenly crashed. I managed to get it restarted after a while but went through several of the steps above on my own so it was not connected to the network when it restarted. I connected to wifi but didn’t log in to PSN network etc. I was playing a different game without problems. Then I decided to check SWBF again. As soon as the download began the system crashed and I could only restart it following the protocol above. So thanks but beware of software updates!

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  35. This worked for me. I was having an issue with the black screen and it never going past that. I followed these steps and it worked famously. Thank you for posting this.

  36. For some reason I cannot see the instructions to the fix. Can someone post it for me PLEASE

  37. I am running latest update. But when doing a game update on the ps4, it shuts down and wont power back up. So I had to remove power for a few minutes and restart console. It then asks for update for COD 3 and same thing happens about half way into the update….powers off and won’t turn back on. I am at work and will try your fix tomorrow. Sad thing is that I just got the PS4 today and can’t even play it.

  38. Thank you sooooo much! I followed the instructions and it worked perfectly! You saved me approximately $399!

  39. I got to the white bar then the safe screen mode then i pressed change resolution but after that i still had the blue flashing light of death please fix

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  44. Hey when i turn my ps4 on i get a blue light, but i get a white one after the second beep but still nothing shows up even after that. What is wrong there?

  45. im selling my PS4 so i decided to delete the user with this i had to initialize it now my PS4 wont boot up ive tried every option but it still doesnt work

  46. The fix didn’t work for me. I cannot get the white light to show and once I turn on my PS4, it won’t turn off. If you have a solution please let me know. . .I appreciate it!

  47. If I lost my purchase receipt for my ps4 will Sony still help me out? It just won’t turn on at all

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  50. gave it a thwack at the back it says don’t turn power straight off at wall always power down machine so power cuts suddenly may cause it to do it ,It must have a memory fault or something loose so thwack that shit up it worked kids happy again

  51. Didn’t work for me… Man I just got it two days ago and already it doesn’t work…

    • Guys i had the same problem and it solved finally. When i moved my ps4 from tv to another tv the problem begin by bue light and the ps4 keep switch off and open on safe mode and give you 7 options i tried them all but the problem didn $t solved then i decided to go to the first tv that i use it in the begining and finally it work with normal mode. So i think that HDMI differ from TV to another TV .

  52. Thank you so much, I was trying so hard to stay calm and not get upset and this fix helped a lot!

  53. Hey there , my PS4 was in rest mode, I went to turn it on and it’s not coming on. The light goes blue then white. .. I hear a sound then it turns off . Light stays white . When I try to power down it won’t turn off or turn on for that matter . What do I do ?

  54. Thanks a million it worked!
    Hope I don’t have this problem again.

  55. I bought a new PS4 but after pressing the power button only the blue light appears and stop (system shut down) afterwards without the white light. I cannot even boot the PS4. What is wrong with it? How do I fix it?

  56. thank God i found this fix! in just a matter of seconds my son’s ps4 worked out just fine.. BIG THANKS MAN!

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  58. YOU ARE AMAZING! Had this since Christmas and haven’t been able to play. could not get thru to Sony and just saw your post when I searched AGAIN for help. I didn’t think would work but IT DID! SONY should pay you for each person that you helped!

  59. Thank you so much! Worked perfectly

  60. My boyfriend just tried your fix and it worked! Thank you very much for posting this! After plugging in the HDMI cable there was no display, so we just changed the TV source to another input and then back to the HDMI for the Ps4 and that did the trick!

    Thanks again!

  61. Thanks so much man. Whenever i would turn on my PS4, I would hear a beep, then the blue light would come up for a few seconds then it would just shut back off. But once i plugged out everything except the power cord, it turned on and after a few seconds, the light went white 🙂

    • Yep after holding the power button to come across all the options I clicked inalize users will hopefully get the ps4 working again as it did for me.

  62. Ive had mt ps4 for months,and it was always blue when on,unless in sleep mode,it what white. Now it is always white,from what ive its supposed to be white when running? It never had a issue when it was running,and blue.

  63. I cant even get my ps4 into safe mode. I hold the power button down on the console to put it in safe mode and I hear one beep, after that the whole console just powers down. How can I get it in safe mode?

  64. My ps4 wont even go into safe mode. After I hold down the power button, it beep once and the console just turns off. What should I do?

  65. Hey quentin just bought a new ps4. When i press the power button, it turns on for a second and then turns off. No beep or anything. I bought it from Thailand and i live in Pakistan so returning it might be a problem. I should add that i have to use a voltage adaptor and that the ps4 needs 110V while Pakistan switches have 220V. Any help?

  66. You are genius thank you

  67. Thank you so much. It worked.
    God bless you.

  68. Thank you very much for posting this. I went with method 1 and it worked just fine. I went ahead and opted for option 3 – update software. If this ends out poorly I’ll reply. Thanks again!

  69. Had the same problem of not turning on all of the way – kept cycling. Tried your fix with the TV off and it came up and worked fine. Updating software to latest version. Will see what happens when I power down and try to bring it back up.

    • The same thing happened to me right around the same time. I tried the fix had to go to number 6 so I lost everything. I’m working on re-installing everything, hopefully it turns back on after I power down.

  70. It worked!! Sooo super happy!! Thank you 🙂

  71. Hello Quentin, I got my ps4 2 months back and day before yesterday it has started doing a weird thing. Basically, when I press the power button, it gives one bip show the blue light for a second and turns itself off and if I press the power button after that again noting happens- no bip or light. It does the same thing again only if I remove the power cable and attach it again- one bip, blue light for one second and turn itself off.

    I can’t send it back because I’m from a country where Sony support is not available. Basically we have to take the risk whenever we are buying a Playstation.

    I was wondering if you are aware of this problem and have some solution to it. I googled it and tried couple a things like:
    – changing the power source, hook it up without using any multiplugs.
    – tried to do a hard reset by holding down the power button for 30 secs or so, nothing happens after that one second.

    I’d really appreciate if you can give some advise based on my problem.

    Thanks and take care.

  72. I did this myself through trial and error. Can anyone confirm if its a temporary fix or not? I dont want to happen again.

  73. It worked!!!
    Thanks a lot!!

  74. Worked perfect!!!! Thank you so much.

  75. What if I bought my PS4 from someone that bought it on Amazon and I can’t find my receipt? How can I get Sony to repair/replace it then?

  76. Hey guys,

    This worked first try for me in around 5 minutes, followed the exact steps (1 to 4) and my ps4 was able to run my games again.

    Not sure why it’s called blue light of death, but I’ll explain what happened for me to get here.

    Started up the ps4 as usual, and wanted to play a game. It wouldn’t load my game, it would stay stuck at the opening screen. (Was trying to play Last of Us and it was stuck on Joel and Ellie)

    Plugging in the HDMI cable while the ps4 and TV was on didn’t harm anything for me so I think it’s pretty safe.

    Thanks for the help!

  77. Hey man you gotta help me i bought my ps4 2 months ago and i loved it so much but yesterday accidenatly i hit it when it was off and then i turn it on and i put the disc inside and it does a weird sound over and over again please tell me what to do?? And the disc is fine

  78. Hey ! I bought my ps4 2 months ago and its doing good but accidenitly yesterday i hit it violently and then i turn it on again and i put on another disc it does a weird over and over again please tell me what to do

  79. I bought the PS4 last week and it’s been doing fine. Yesterday I tried turning it on to play and it goes to a screen saying it can’t access system storage. It’s really pissing me off because I don’t know what to do. I’ve restarted it several times and tried to initialize it but it says it can’t initialize. What do i do?

  80. Hi!!! i have been thought to buy a Ps4 but I feeling fear about the blue light, I don’t know if this is good idea to buy in this year or may I have to wait until next year, what do you think ?

  81. You are a HERO my friend

  82. I can fix all ps4 problems pls contact me


    • I bought the PS4 last week and it’s been doing fine. Yesterday I tried turning it on to play and it goes to a screen saying it can’t access system storage. It’s really pissing me off because I don’t know what to do. I’ve restarted it several times and tried to initialize it but it says it can’t initialize. What do i do?

    • My ps4 show the blod and when i try to turn it on it beeps only once and nothing after that what can i do?

    • I tried to go to safe mode after second beep nothing comes up… wat do i do now.. still not coming on

    • Pls call me 905 962 6570. .will not go in to safe mode and i bought it off someone bran new can’t take it back

    • Ps4 blue screen fades in and out hiw do I fit it….Please help.

  83. Thank you Quentin!!! Worked like a charm!

  84. Thank you so much. I love you man

  85. Hiya,

    I got mine on european release eve and since then I’ve had this issue, but always temporary. I think it’s software and related to hdmi handshake because obviously safe mode always works so the hardware must be ok. Also, I don’t need to do anything special, just when the blue light blinks indefinitely I power off via button and then button again until safe mode. Then I just select “restart ps4” (the other day I tried without even operating the safe mode menu, just hard-resetted again and booted normal and it worked ok), and it works fine without having to switch resolutions, rebuild database, initialize the system or installing firmware.

    Thing is I do not have another tv to try and I think it may be my hdtv, which is several years old and so far has behaved strange when dealing with “control by hdmi” with my ps3 for instance (sometimes worked -recognizing device name and all- sometimes not).

    Do you think it could be the reason? Or I rather send it to Sony for a replacement? Of course, when it boots I can game for hours and the system works flawlessly. It would be a shame to get a replacement which has another problem like the autoejecting discs or supernoisy fans or whatever… or even a true-death blue light.

    I recently discovered the rubber on the pad’s left stick is cracking open and I wonder if I should call Sony and just let them replace everything. Or just deal with the blue light (supposing it’s my tv) and just replace the pad.

    Should the blue light problem be gone (supposing it’s just an hdmi handshake issue) if I plug the console to an hdmi hub and that to my tv? Maybe I could try and borrow or buy one of those.

    What to do?

    • Oh also I thought maybe the HDCP removal would help, or some other firmware update, but nothing so far. I got a glimpse of an instance when the 1.70 released and I got not a single blue light for some days, but then it returned. It’s quite random.

      The thing is I think the HDCP is only disabled when inside a game (if you uncheck it in the options), and seeing as the console either boots to the menu (and thus ingame works always) or not at all, the HDCP thing is totally irrelevant as of now.

      But, could the hdmi hub be something to think about?

      • Did you get it to work? Did you get a PS4 replacement? Please let us know.

        • Well, for starters, I got a dualshock replacement, lol. But not the console for now.

          I switched cables with the ps3, both power and hdmi, and initialized the console (couldn’t reinstall the latest firmware though, so I’ll re-initialize it once another update hits). So far I have not had the issue again, but I need more testing.

          Normally it would hit after a larger period of not turning it on so in a couple days we will see. I’ll write here if the issue comes up again.

          But I was hoping for some opinion or experience with the issue and an hdmi switcher or whatever. Seems like I’m the only one in the whole internet with this strange case of occasional-only blinking blue.

          • Based on the trouble you have experienced, I strongly urge you to seek a replacement from Sony. You can probably get a replacement within a week. This way, you don’t have to worry. In any case, thanks so much for sharing and good luck!

  86. thank you, my ps4 is now working again

  87. hi quentin i buyed yestarday one of this ps4 and now i think i have BLOD what is the exactly simptoms for this BLOD to know i have this problem? and and signal lost like others

  88. hey people! i had the same problem and tried all the steps that sony (and other people) gave. Nothing worked. I was getting pretty frustrated! Then i watched a video where the guy turned upside down the ps4! IT WORKED FOR ME! IF U HAVE THE BLUE LIGHT OF DEATH, TURN OFF YOUR PS4, TURN IT UPSIDE DOWN, AND TURN IT BACK ON! IT REALLY WORKS!

  89. Ok i found a way!! Like every one élise i updated it and i save thé 1.6 update on USB key and thén load it up in thé ps4! Worked 4 me, ,

  90. Ur the best, Sony didn’t try to fix it they simply resorted to shipping it in for repair. Your original steps didn’t work for me so I used the alternative method and it worked perfect. They key was that the blue light was not blinking. It turned blue then turned white. Now works fine

    • i have the exact same problem plz tell me what u did ?? my screen is blue when i added the update on a usb , it gives me error code everytime ! im stuck . my turns white as well ! and i get to the safe mod but in blue color screen not black ! plz help !

  91. Is there any interesting product you could recommend?Thanks

  92. So far this is working, used method 3, put it on another source, turned on and held the on button til i heard teh 2nd beep, then changed source to the one the ps4 is connected to, changed resolution. it restarted, checked some things, then went into setting > video and adjusted it to 1080p which my tv supports and now when i turn on my PS4, no more BLOD. Thanks alow

  93. my ps4 just turns on and turns blue, then after acouple seconds it turns off…. what can i do solve this?

  94. Ive followed these instructions and it worked temporarily. I just received my PS4 out of box and it had BLOD from the start. After following these instructions it went into safety mode but then froze and cut off once again. Now when i cut it on it CAN NOT go back into safety mode? I follow same instructions but it seems to just cut off after second beep. If someone may know how to resolve please let me know.

  95. I have the BLOD but as i hold down button the system just cuts off after a second beep. Please someone help! 🙁

  96. Hi i had the no display fault and this is how i fixed it. You will need a usb stick, go on your computer and download latest software update from playstation websie, you need to make a fold on usb stick called PS4 then make a folder in that folder called UPDATE (make sure its in capitols) then put the file you downloaded in this folder. Now put the ps4 into safe mode by pressing the power button until it has beeped twice (takes about 7 seconds). This will bring up safe mode menu. Put in usb stick. Go down menu and choose upgrade software then choose usb stick. The ps4 will now update and restart. Your problem will now be fixed.

    • Could you confirm what is the software update version you updated to resolve this issue? I have updated mine via the “Safe Mode” to v1.52 but i did my update using the internet. I’m still seeing the problem.

  97. I just tried to turn it on again and had the same problem even with the low resolution (i had tried many times before and was starting normally). The solution worked again at first try. I still think it is a software bug. Maybe it is just happening with some tv brands. My tv is the Samsung UN55C8000. I hope it will help sony to solve the problem.

  98. Thank you as well. I played some times without problems, but one time i could not turn on my ps4 with the same problem. The solution worked for me. It is clearly a software problem that generates incompatibility with the tv’s resolution. Do you know if sony is working on a bug fix? If not, you could warn them so they could hurry, since it seams to be a common bug. I am kind of sad i can not use the normal resolution with a poweful gaming engine and TV.

    • I tried my ps4 in a several number do tvs and they all have lead to the same problem, i think its a software problem, but i dont think its the tv’s fault…

  99. well..jst got a ps4, only played it once throughout n the next day i try to turn it on buh doesnt come on, instead it shows the blue light with once n goes off……pls i’ll be glad if u cud help

  100. first turn off ps4 like first step
    then unplug all cabels
    then i press power button while sec on beep, but after second beep it turns off again

    please help me is there another way to fix it????

  101. I don’t have a PS4 but, can I just say, you my friend a somewhat of a legend.

  102. Thanks M8 It worked

    Turned off Ps4
    Disconnected all plugs
    Turned input while off
    Turned on ps4
    Inserted Hdmi
    Turn to Hdmi input

    Then turned on told me Ps4 Was turned off incorrectly

    Ty M8

  103. While I didn’t follow all your directions the one the helped the most was once getting into safe mode, I clicked option 2 to change the resolution and it seemed to do the trick (for the time being). Thank you for the help!

  104. Thanks for the advice. Glad to see that you have helped so many people. Unfortunately my new Xmas present won’t even give me the double beep or enter safe mode. It just switches off!

    Thanks for your advice though.

    • The system will not really give a double beep. I was looking out for a double beep as well but the fact is, this is what you got to do to get it to safe mode: –
      1. Turn off your ps4 (no lights on console)
      2. Press the power button (1st beep) and keep holding for 7 secs (2nd beep) for it to go to safe mode. If it takes more than 11 secs, then it safe mode didn’t happen and unit will just shut down.

      It’s pretty frustrating to get it to safe mode. I seem to have better luck getting it to safe mode when i have my remote plugged in the console with the usb cable before i run the steps for “safe mode”.

  105. What do i do it dont work for m

  106. Well, it worked for a while but it seems that my unit only works if I unplug it from its power cord and wait for a couple of hours until it get “cold”. After that the procedure described by Quentin will work

  107. My ps4 is just turning off after finish the setup for the fist time , I try this fix but the problem still there, I haven’t play any game at all (sucks) I see there is a software update downloading but the ps4 all turn off and never finish … Any idea how to fix this problem thanks in advance.

  108. Well done Quentin Moore. Great post. It’s good to see some solutions coming on fixes on the PS4 in such early days. Great work.

  109. We have had a few customers come into our shop with the blod. I have tried everything and nothing worked. The strangest part is that holding down the power none of them bleeped twice and no matter what we did we could not get them into recovery mode. Thanks for the advice anyway 😉

  110. Lifesaver, saved me ringing Sony support !

  111. Worked with mine! Thank you so much. At least you’re being pro active unlike Sony. Well done!

  112. Thank you so much. That saved my day.

  113. It worked for me, thank you so much!

  114. Didn’t work pal. Can’t see a white light no matter what


    PS4 is alive again!

  116. Thank you soooooo much sir. I was so desperate and hurt deep inside. Your article was the only useful one I’ve visited to fix this problem. Thank you solo much again!
    Please Note: I did not get the safe mode screen, but the PS4 started normally, which was good.
    I was in a age of fifa when it shut down. Then i started it again and played the same much and it shut down at almost the same moment but wouldn’t turn on again and just display the blue light of death. YOUR SOLUTION WAS JUST AWESOME!

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